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One on One Classic Training Course

This one on one course is a two day program. Classes are scheduled for 16 hours total completing 5-10 models: Saturdays and Sundays. A student must successfully complete both theory, hands on and at least 5 models of full sets in order to obtain a Certificate.


Each section of the course includes both theoretical and mostly practical hands on work. At the end of each model, a Master Lash Technician will thoroughly check to see if everything is done properly. Students receive a mark and written feedback after each model.


To help students create a successful  Lash business, we go through marketing and social media tips and tricks. Students are also encouraged to bring a digital camera to keep record of their practical work for themselves. 


Please note that it is necessary to bring models for the practical work. They will get a full set of extensions or at least close to. They are expected to lay down for 3 hours. Students must provide their own models.


Lunch provided.

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